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The Viennese architectural offices PPAG were looking for someone to develop their new web platform. They wished to create a web-portfolio that would reflect the company’s characteristics in the form of map representing all their projects. This map should form the dynamic centre of the website and allow the client to easily make his own alterations to the website at any time.



Easy to maintain and update
We developed a platform to which the client can upload his own SVG map directly from Illustrator. Once uploaded, this map is automatically linked to the online database containing all project details. In addition, the WordPress platform applies several filter functions to the SVG map, making it easier to navigate through hundreds of templates.

Night Vision and special features for mobile devices
Once the basic structure was set up we were able to concentrate on the interface design, using animations and colour to make browsing through the projects entertaining and visually appealing.
For the mobile version we had to rethink the basic map concept and came up with a game-like interface. Instead of clicking on images with the mouse to reveal project information, the same information is shown when the PPAG logo is dropped onto an image.We installed a black and white ‘night vision’ mode that is active if the site is accessed at night. It can also be manually activated by a button at the bottom of the page next to the search field.


>>Visit the PPAG Website
All images are taken from the finished website and belong to their rightful owners.
© Fotos: Teamfoto & Radettzkystrasse (middle top) by Roland Krauss, Steirereck by Helmut Pierer

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